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Thread: Formula 1 Yawn!

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    Formula 1 Yawn!

    Had hoped that this year we might see some racing in F1. Ferrari seemed fast in winter testing and they had a new young driver who seemed very fast. But come the start of the season its the same old same old! although even more so with Mercedes winning all four races on a 1-2 basis. The only difference is that Bottas seems on much better form this year - at this rate the championship will be sorted out long before the end of the season. Ferrari just can't seem to get it togther although I think Leclerc has lots of potential but he needs to be allowed to race and have proper support from the team. I now wonder if Vettel has had his day - just doesn't seem to have the determination he used to to win which is a shame. Don't think I'll bother with many of the races its just so boring! glad I didn't sign up to Sky F 1 package .
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    At least the Merc. drivers are allowed to race. If it was Ferrari leading, there would be even more team orders. It is Ferrari's and Red Bull's jobs to get better. You can't blame a "Usain Bolt" for being hard to beat.

    When Vettel was always winning, RB-Renault had built the best car. They were nearly uneatable. Without the best car, there seems to be cracks in his armour. Also interesting to watch. He doesn't seem to have the accuracy of Lewis Hamilton, especially under pressure. Leclerc looks like he could be faster than Vettle in raw speed and that is saying something.

    The races have been close and Ferrari has done less well than their real performance. Max. has settled down and hasn't made a mistake this season and has maximised his points haul. MacLaren are looking as though they have made a real step forward. Renault seem to have built another brick. Most of the newcomers look like they deserve their seats. The oldies are about to be replaced by a new generation and it seems to be a great time to watch the change. The actual results are not so important, the racing is getting closer and it isn't actually possible to tell if Mercedes are always faster. The slightest slip and they will lose.

    Conversely, you could watch the WRC. Now there, every second of coverage promises some dramatic change and after 200 km of special stages, drivers are still only separated by a few seconds
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    Return of refuelling being discussed:
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    Some races have been very boring (but I need the sleep!) but the last two (Germany and Hungary) were good.
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