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Thread: Skirt rivet part number?

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    Just had my sill covers off for inspection and needed to replace some of these clips. My local Jaguar dealer (also Land Rover) did not have any in stock but the helpful storeman recognised them as a Land Rover part, CA211503, and they had them in stock, 50p each.
    Hope this is of help.

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    As I recall there are 3 different clips on the sills on an S Type. Total 20 but I could be wrong on the total. I can't remember how many of each type per sill.

    A 5-minute call to a Jag dealer would have identified them all and the quantity of each

    Call Lancaster Jaguar Reading, they were always helpful and kind.

    They are also Lancaster LandRover, Lancaster Volvo and I think Maserati too - but different phone numbers of course.


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    Found this recently, not the clearest but it might help........

    Click on the image for an enlarged version

    2006 3.0Ltr. S type ..... Radiance Red Metallic, Chrome grille complete with Red and Black S Type Growler badge, fully loaded.
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    Thanks for the help.

    After some googling, the item that looks closest is XR842592;
    2005 Ultra Violet S-Type R (STR).

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