Hi Guys,

I know it isn't a Friday but there is so much going on with our event - too much to be honest lol but so far I am managing to keep up to one degree or another.

Our event Facebook page has gone, by my standards at least, viral with almost 3,500 people following us from all around the globe.. with around 30-50 new people a day friending our event from all around the planet.

Our event patron Frank Woodford MBE is currently looking into our tenth anniversary event in 2021 and a possible, maybe even regal upscale of venue for it to make our anniversary event the showstopper we would all love.. more info to come when I have it

I have taken the plunge and have moved our event website from www.solidlinux.co.uk to www.JaguarForumsUK.com, and the event email addresses to info@JaguarForumsUK.com and Stephen.Sheldon@JaguarForumsUK.com - that is going to save sooo many discussions about why we are at www.solidlinux.co.uk

Our events Twitter account now has an incredible 600 followers

I am currently playing voicemail ping pong with an automotive magazine that is interested in our event - more info on that if they & I ever get beyond missed calls.

Additionally I am working on gaining event sponsors, and have taken a new tack of not just specialist suppliers of services and parts, but also companies associated with Jaguar, by depending on Jaguars for their businesses.

On top of all this I believe we may have a free engine diagnostic clinic on site at our next event, with bookings being taken a month or so before our event, and I am still (struggling) to come up with posters and signage designs for the event. I would love to say that I have an artist struggling to get out of me, but it is genuinely quite the reverse lol

In amongst all this our event is genuinely retaining it's grassroots experience for you, and still considers ALL Jaguars equal whether you have a cherished classic, a showroom condition, a project you are in progress with, or a commute or school run Jaguar

And of course don't forget if you have attended one of our previous events, or are signed up already for our next one we have the free Christmas competition coming up in a few months for you.. full info to follow closer to the time

If anyone had said to me seven years ago, this is where we would be now, I would have happily bet that there was no way it could take over my life, and have so many people involved ever! lol.. nonetheless, if you have not attended one of our events before please check it out and sign up, and if you have been to our events before - we are set to be bigger, smoother and so much better than ever in 2020 - new streamlined event registration online, new drive/convoy management system (sounds posh - but yep we do have a new system lol), much shorter queues for the main event, more trade stands and talks, working on more club/forum involvement, all with the same grassroots vibe, discounted food/drink, great company and incredible Jaguars.. oh yes, plus the usual prizes and awards and oh yes we have even simplified that for you too with a new system

So go on, why not get involved with our event?