Ok Guys,

It's a Friday and as always it's stats day so we know how we are doing

Our Instagram account has almost 400 followers
Our Twitter feed has over 600 followers
Our website is busier than ever
Our Facebook page is fully subscribed
Our NEW Facebook group has gained over 500 members in less than a week.
We have signed up with a new incredible sponsor and I am waiting to hear from another two potential sponsors.

Neil and Mark have accepted moderator roles on our new Facebook group, helping ensure our group remains a great place to be. Huge thanks to them for this.

And our incredible event Patron Frank Woodford Mbe has added 'Days Out', and a competition for a VIP weekend at The Waldorf to the growing list of what we can do for our attendees and members.

And that is all in the last week!

And we have so much more in progress too with the upcoming annual event, our 10th Anniversary event in 2021, and not just connecting with companies that support our Jaguars, but also companies that depend on Jaguars. We have an incredible couple of years ahead of us, so please stick with us as our event has so much more to achieve for you all.

Have an incredible Jaguar weekend!

Very best regards,