Hi All,

Just got my Coupe out of winter storage and prepping for Summer. I have just MOT'd it (all emissions fine etc) and taken it for a few runs out. All seems fine and the engine is pulling good and strong.

However, I am having an odd issue which I am struggling to get any clarity on....

Car starts fine from cold.
Revs at c. 1200 then drops down to c. 750 when warm and in P (has automatic gearbox and AED).
I drive it for 20-30 mins - mix of open roads and town traffic - all is fine.
After 20-30 mins if I meet stop/start traffic or stop at junctions, tick-over is fine, but as soon as I go into D and press the accelerator pedal to move off, the revs drop and the engine stalls.
if I feather the throttle I can just about get moving and once moving, all is fine again - until I need to stop again.

After stalling at a couple of busy junctions (!), I just thought I would try and pull away in 1 or 2 (as opposed to D). This works absolutely fine with strong acceleration and there is no stalling or stuttering at all.

One note which may/may not give any clues - when the engine is on but not moving, if I run through the gear select from D through to 1, I get variances in RPM on each selection (up to 600 or 700 RPM difference).

Anyone got any ideas what is causing this and best remedy?