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Thread: Cooling problem XJ 8 overheating

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    Cooling problem XJ 8 overheating

    Just bought a cheap vgc condition XJ8 with water leaking issues.
    Is it the thermostat or water pump or airlock or or or.
    Does the engine run smoothly and no sludge on oil cap, dipstick clean oil.

    Forget huge garage bills on head gasket ‘s,
    Though some would not tell you what they have or Haven’t done more like it, just give a big bill
    and your happy to get your lovely Jaguar back.

    Now check the small plastic expansion hoses,
    As your stood beside car wing looking at expansion tank, the pipe going to radiator connects to the connector nearest to you and the pipe going to the catch tank front left lower of car connects to the one furthest away.

    If wrong way round the expansion tank just blows your coolant on the street instead of back to radiator 😡

    Check it out worked on my XJ8


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    Hiya"JaguarJerry" and welcome to the forum.

    What a great post for your first one! It's not really "Forum News" though, is it?

    Best post it in the correct section:

    or this one:

    As you have not mentioned which model of XJ8 that you're referring to, it could be either of the above sections. Have a look and post in the one that is for your car.
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    Moved to correct section....
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