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Thread: Looking for my first Jaguar, MK 2, S-Type (1960's) or a MK10 / MK10 derivative.

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    Question Looking for my first Jaguar, MK 2, S-Type (1960's) or a MK10 / MK10 derivative.

    Hi there folks,

    This is my first foray into the jaguar forum, so please be gentle..!!

    Having reached the old age of 55 I am now looking, finally, to buy a car I want, but don't need, rather than a car I need but don't want (kids,school etc.).

    I am looking for a Sunday lunch, special trip type of car, and will possibly travel to N Scotland every year or so, but would guess less than 5,000 miles yearly.

    I wonder if there is any useful material, guidance etc on what to look for when looking at this era of jaguars?

    Some of the adverts look great for a £10k car and others for a £35k car..but i cant tell the difference.

    I suppose it helps to also say I am not mechanically minded, but my Son is as he worked on RAF strike aircraft for some years.

    Any pointers, guidance or warnings most welcome..

    Many thanks in advance


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    Hello John,

    Have you any experience driving cars of that era, as you may find them a bit of a culture shock? Consider trying one from a classic car hire company?

    I think that if you look at the same model with large price differential you will see why there is a difference. That said, with Mk2 saloons there is the desirability factor which significantlly affects price, from a basic automatic 2.4 or 240 to a manual overdrive 3.8, with wire wheels. (The latter feature I can do without, personally)

    Buy the best you can find for your budget and, if possible find someone who is familiar with the model you consider buying to assist with viewing.

    2004 2.5 X Type Estate, MK 2 3.8 (Long term restoration), 2.5 P.I. Triumph saloon, 564 Hymer motorhome.

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    There is a ‘snobbery ‘ about Mark2s with 2.4/240s being poor relations rather undeservedly but this affects price as well as desirability. A good 240 would be better in real life than a crap 3.4 but you would probably pay a lot more for the latter.
    I agree you should hire one first then if you like it search for a suitable one. You will also find it wise to join the JEC and will probably find a technical expert who will be prepared to view and give an opinion without prejudice on a potential purchase.

    Good luck
    PETER DAVIES, 2016 XF 2.0 diesel Portfolio. 1967 Mark2 (240.)

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