I am looking at installing one of the ME Wagner adjustable PCV's on our '70 XKE. My thought is to draw air for the PCV from the existing crank-case vent point at the front of the head, and drill the plugs at the back of the cam covers for the fresh-air sweep source. The air for the back plugs would come from between the air filter and the carbs.

Why? Well, a slight negative pressure in the crank-case would be better than a slight positive pressure when it comes to oil leaks. And, this would vent any oil vapors from the crank-case to the inlet manifold, rather than to the air cleaner. Of course, having the back of the air-filter oil impregnated does improve the filters particulate removal efficiency, but it also increases the pressure drop across the filter.

Someplace in my pile of parts I know I have a plug for the inlet-side cover, but can't find it. I did find the one for the exhaust side.
Here are a couple of shots of my inlet system now Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	30861Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Inlet 2.jpg 
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ID:	30862 And a shot of the part I am looking for.Click image for larger version. 

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As you can see, I mounted a set of SU's many years ago, and modified the series 2 air cleaner to fit the velocity stacks for the SU's, with air coming in from below the front of the air-cleaner shell (since the shell had to move forward to handle all three carbs, the original inlet would have hit the inner fender). Works perfectly.

So, have any of you thought about or even gone so far as to install a PCV on an XK engine? Any comments on my idea? And, do any of you have one of these you could send me up here in Portland, WA? Please send me an e-mail off-line letting me know how much I need to send you.