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Thread: 2 years of Jaguar XJ ownership!!

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    2 years of Jaguar XJ ownership!!

    So, it's been 2 years since I bought a 2012 Jaguar XJ Portfolio to replace the exact same car which was totaled when parked by a drunk. I specifically wanted a RWD, SWB XJ with the NA 5.0 and it had to be a Portfolio. I finally found a nice one and bought it at the end of November 2016.
    So, I bought it with 49K miles and it now has 82K. It's close to a daily (I have a company CT6/XT5/CTS/Escalade/Etc) so I use it around 16k miles a year (I drive 30K easily).
    So... what's gone wrong and what's it cost me?
    When I first got it the water pump was leaking so I had that changed under warranty. It's the one common issue with the 5.0.xvideos xnxx xxx

    Average of 20mpg and an average of $3/Gallon means fuel has cost me around $4,800.
    4 oil changes: $220, $220, $150 and $150 so that's $740. OE Filters alone are $25 and the oil that it calls for ends up costing close to $100 so I don't do it myself.
    2 sets of wiper blades: $40
    Just ordered more air filters and cabin filters, so 2 sets of those $75 or so.
    New set of Continental DWS06s: $900
    Front and rear pads and rotors, I did them myself, $450 for parts.
    Not the car's fault but I bought a set of unbent used 19" stock wheels in good shape due to the potholes in NY/NJ/CT/PA. $400 on FB Marketplace plus $150 in gas/tolls/pay to the guy who picked them up for me.
    New gas cap from dealer: $40. I got a check engine light and it actually was the gas cap!
    No issues other than above at all. I did notice when I had it on the lift the other day that it's going to likely need some control arm bushings in the near future but at 82K miles I can't complain.
    Routine maintenance: $855
    Tires and brakes: $1,900 (including new wheels)
    Repairs: $40
    I can't complain. Gas is the biggest expense but it's a big V8 sedan so that's no surprise. On road trips I average 24-29 depending on how heavy my foot is.
    If you take the bent wheels out of the picture the car has cost me under $100 monthly in repairs and maintenance and that's less than I'd have assumed.
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    That does not seem bad at all for maintenance / repairs to a fairly large car. Fuel economy seems pretty good (even allowing for 'smaller' US gallons). Sounds like you take good care of your car and it seems to taking care of you too!

    At 16K miles PA, you're probably at the sweet spot in terms of use of the car - enough miles to keep things running smoothly, but not so much that you wear it out too fast.
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    I am puzzled why you have posted about your experience with an XJ saloon in the forum for the Jaguar E-Pace SUV !! Might your post not be better placed in the forum for your car ?
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