Hello all. I am a new member but not a new Jaguar driver. I bought my XKR 4.2 litre 2008 Portfolio Special Edition last week and after some research I found many firsts for this car. The B&W relationship started, the Alcon Braking 400mm was a first the Celestrial Black and the 20 inch Cremona alloys and the engine spun aluminium dash all exclusive to this model. I read somewhere only 15 were sold to Canada and only 255 were sold to America but these numbers are not confirmed. I reached out to JDHT here in the UK but they cannot tell me production numbers. I also have seen someone wanted to start a register so the numbers must be low sold around the world. I want as much information I can cleam from other members on the XKR 4.2 litre 2008 Portfolio Special Edition to continue my research. Thank you in advance.