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Thread: Project: restoring an XJ-R body work

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    Cool Project: restoring an XJ-R body work


    I've just about had enough of Jaguar a-lá-Tata's rip off and unavailability of body panels, so decided to go my own way to restore my much loved XJ-R to her former glory.

    This one has an amazingly beautiful and smooth engine, steel exhausts and the entire complement of usual extras, but the usual rusty sills and floor pans has had the best of her before we became an item.

    Part 1: front end

    First task was to strip the seats and scape off the sealant with a hot air gun and scraper (see photos)

    Next, I'm going to strip the dash and bulkhead off to treat the source of evil: two mounting brackets which have been spot-welded to support the bulkhead, and on the way creating the perfect water trap; on some restorations, I've also seen the actual underpannels exhibit hairline cracks right from factory due to the welding process (more photos when I strip this part).

    Finally, I'll be treating the inner wing area behind the front dampers, where exactly the same type of stupid reinforcement design creates a water trap in such a critical area. This will be the final part of the front-end restoration.

    For the floor pans, I have come across a great shell in good nick, and have started to strip the floor and seat pans (photos coming up). Then, I'll be doing the same on the XJ-R, unpicking the spot welds and wire-brushing to expose bare metal.

    Part 2: back end

    The majority of the work here is underside, with only the off-side rear wheel arch needing to be replaced. With little or no mods, the XJ-40 wheel arches will fit, and they are about £50 versus £300ish for the X308 arches from Jaguar et. al.

    Spare wheel bay and the rest of the car is solid as a rock, so I shan't be touching that, although I have all the necessary components from the donor shell - a great source of body spares.

    Stay tuned for more
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    Hello ahmedalalousi.
    Thanks for posting such graphic photo's of the rust that can affect these cars in the hiden places.
    Well done for preserving another example,especially since it's the XJR,well worth all the effort you are putting into it.
    Look forward to the updates.
    Good luck.
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