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Thread: Why is the 300bhp diesel slower to 60 than the older 275bhp model?

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    Why is the 300bhp diesel slower to 60 than the older 275bhp model?

    I'm thinking about changing cars.

    A 2015 (onwards) XF is an option. Potentially in 'S' guise - the 300bhp diesel.

    I noticed the 0-60mph is quoted at 6.4 seconds while the previous model was 5.9.

    Any idea why this is? I thought the new one was more powerful, lighter and used the same gearbox.
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    Not unless the 6.4 seconds is 0 to 100kph? and the 5.9 was o to 60mph.?
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    I've got a 66 plate 3.0 v6 s-sport which I've had for 12 months now, when I was checking them out, I read it the other way round. I've just been looking at the spec for my jaguar and I'm getting different results from different sites. 0-62 6.4 sec, 0-62 6.2 sec, 0-60 5.8 sec.

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    By the looks of it, no one really knows!

    If you like the car you've got but want it faster, have you thought about a remap, it would be cheaper.

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    Jaguar official site for the XF has it down as 0-60 in 6 flat or 0-100 kph in 6.4 sec.
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    Doesn't matter which 3.0D model you choose standard, S, old or new they all have the same top speed. Does half a second difference between them all have any real relevance? Zero to sixty will put you over the speed limit in 95% of pulling away situations. I would look more at the build quality and addons between the models

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    TBPH it takes a very rare driver who can get the racing figures out of a car anyway.
    Just drive to enjoy.
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