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Thread: X300 won't crank

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    X300 won't crank

    In 2016 september, my jag (xj6, X300, made in1996, 4.0L) was crushed from rear. So the trunck was completely destroyed, but the electrical parts there (battery, module, fuses etc.) were not affected.
    Now I repaired the car, but it still not crank, even the mechanics press the impact button (the one which is located at the right foot of the right passenger - my jag is left side drive), even I put the gearbox in the P position, even I replaced the key fob's batteries, even I tried to reprogram the key fob...
    Can you help me with an advice? Thank you.
    PS: Of course, I filled the tank with gas and I replaced the oil in the engine.

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    Thread moved to x300 XJ6 section.
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