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Thread: Asking about radio/cassette replacement.

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    Asking about radio/cassette replacement.

    I know that the issue of replacing the factory radio unit in the X308 XJ8 has been flogged to death but I wonder (as time has passed) whether a more simple solution about replacement has occurred. I know that a double din radio will not fit into the aperture vacated by the old radio but what about a single din unit with a flip up screen ? Is this possible ? has anyone done it ? , and probably more important , how difficult is the rewiring ? Is there any unit available that has a made up harness available? If anyone can help or offer advice I would be very much obliged . Oh , my car is not fitted with the amplifying unit , it is the standard radio fitup. Alan .

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    Try these guys

    My requirement has been to play my iPod through the factory kit. For my S500, I plumped for this but for the Daimler, I have this

    They've helped me in the past with both items.
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    I think I have seen flip up screens used.

    Wiring adaptors vary on your cars age. I don't believe ones are available for late models.

    And if you have a premium system with amp, this is even more pain

    Consider an alpine system, as that is what the factory parts are on late models
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