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Thread: ICT USB Not Recognised

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    ICT USB Not Recognised

    Having issues with ICT not recognising my iPhone 6S via USB. It seems to be a bit hit and miss.
    This morning I plugged in as normal and the system showed the track I was playing on the phone, but would not play it. Charging was working.
    Tried unplugging and plugging back in and then it would not show on the source list.
    Tried plugging in with a known working newish cable and still not recognised, but charging.
    OK, I think, let's try Bluetooth. So goes into devices sees my phone and press the music symbol to connect for music. Go into the source listing and no Bluetooth.

    So to the question...
    It does not look to like hot-swapping devices. Has anyone come across a way of giving the system a nudge without switching the car off locking, and then starting again?
    I see from older Jaguar systems there was a press and hold the middle of the screen to get to a hidden menu - doesn't seem to work on ICT.
    Could just be it is fickle about the cable.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Mine is exactly the same as you describe. Itís very temperamental when playing music from my phone (iphone SE).

    I always plug it in to the USB,...I donít like playing music just via Bluetooth because the volume always needs to be turned up really high,...then if I switch to radio itís immediately so loud it nearly ruptures my eardrums.

    Iíve tried several Ďstart-upí regimes to get the iphone/car to play ball with each other but itís still hit and miss. If I make (or receive) a phone call when iphone music is playing the music is always interrupted ok but its 50/50 whether the music restarts again after the phone call is completed. The music track seems to be playing ok but no sound to the speakers whatsoever. Other times itís fine.

    Itís a pain in the you know what tbh.

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