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Thread: How do I get rid of wax on my windscreen??

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    How do I get rid of wax on my windscreen??

    Morning all

    Since I poicked the car up the previous owner must have had a right session with the wax on the windscreen. I have tried getting rid of it without fail.

    Now with the sun low in the mornings I cant see anything out of it until the engine warms up

    What can I use to clean the windscreen and is it worth changing the wipers too?

    Please help and thanks in advance
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    Try regular dish soap. They may do it. You can also try isoproply alcohol. and then clean with proper glass cleaner. Hope this helps.

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    Get some fairy liquid and clean just the screen. Then go over with white spirit and yes, change the wipers when you’re done.
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    Try Gun Wash which is the cheapest solvent thinners you can buy. It is used for cleaning spray guns in the trade hence the name. I apply this to the front and rear screens occasionally and it works well on the wiper blades. Once the grease and wax is removed i use Autoglym clean screen.
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    Trying hot water and Fairly liquid ( a degreaser ) will help, possibly a little vinegar will help also

    At the very least use the above and carefully ( holding wiper edge between thumb and forefinger ) use the same solution on a wet rag and clean the wipers, failing that they may need replaced

    Good luck




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    Some waxes are a nightmare on the screen. Screens get greasy somehow on their own too.

    As others mentioned, wash it like a dinner plate. Washing up liquid and scourer pad, then a rinse with sponge and water.

    Some waxes take more than one wash to remove. When it dries to a slippery shine with a paper towel, it's clean.

    I don't put anything on the glass once it gets slippery clean. Same on the inside.

    Plain glass works best at night for me.

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