I hope Admin doesn't mind this being here.
The following items are free to whoever collects (Whiteley, near jcn 9 of M27 near Southampton):
All for 2002 2.1L petrol X-Type SE Automatic. New except where stated used.
6L of specific automatic transmission fluid Esso ATF LT71141.
Qty 2 Front stab/drop link (Mondeo LEM 3235).
Denso MAF sensor (MB197400-3021)
Air filter element (Mann C38116).
Qty 2 rear suspension drop links (double ball joints).
Fuel filter (petrol) 02 C2S45278.
Oil filter XR858593.
Vacuum pump 1X43-2C506-AB (used but working).
Inlet manifold complete with all sensors and throttle body etc. (used).
Front grill assembly (used but good condition).
HIDs kit (Cheap Chinese version I bought to test feasibility. So good that I left the originals in working fine when car sold. This spare kit unused.
PM me if more detail/pics required or to arrange collection.
Nr. Southampton