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Thread: How long have you owned your xk

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    How long have you owned your xk

    I was just checking what is due with our cars tax ins etc . I was surprised that itís been 51/2 yrs that Iíve owed my jag & I still get a kick out of it when ever I drive it .so whatís the longest xk owner here .
    Xk 5.0 conv 2009

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    7 years (but it is an X100)

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    2 years with my 5 litre XKR but I had a 4.2 litre XKR for 5 years before that and that was also black so a lot of people don't realise that I have changed the car!
    Current Jag: 2010 5.0 XKR (XKR-S X-Pipe, smaller S/C pulley and Tune ~650bhp - 11.567@123.19, max v=126.04!)

    Previous Jags: 2007 4.2 XKR | 2004 4.2 XJ8 | 1998 4.0 XJR | 1996 6.0 XJ12 | 1989 5.3 XJ-S | 1983 5.3 XJ-S | 1980 5.3 XJ-S

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    5 years to date, but no intentions of selling until I canít climb in and out of hopefully another 15 years or so to go....with a bit of luck
    2006 XK Indigo Blue with Caramel seats and Sable carpets

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    Had mine for 4 years before I sold it for practicality reasons. Overall, still the best car I’ve owned to date.
    Current Car:
    2016 XF 3.0d S, 17MY - Black and loads of extras.

    Previous Cars:
    2000 S-Type 3.0L SE Auto
    2004 X-Type 3.0L AWD SE Auto estate.
    2007 XK x150 4.2L Coupe
    2017 XE R-Sport 25t 250Ps 18MY

    Resident Super Moderator.
    V6 X-Type Oil Sump Replacement Guide

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    10 years this November and it is a keeper.


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    I’m still a newbie, just turned one year with the car, so many years to go I hope....
    No intentions of selling it, was tempted to get a newer R Dynamic, but have decided to stay with mine as I like it so much!
    Current Car: 2019 F-Type R

    Previous Cars:
    Sadly departed:
    2011 XK 5.0. 2002 X Type, 1967 MGB GT, 1982 Rover SD1 Vitesse, 1975 MGB, 1984 Mini 25, 1973 Mini
    2019 BMW M140 , 2017 BMM 530e, 2014 BMW 328, 2010 Audi A5, 2009 VW Touareg, 2006 Audi A6, 2000 Land Rover Discovery, 1997 Merc C Class, 1993 Volvo 480

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    1yr with mine but 14yrs with previous X100, and 120k sublime miles covered in that...just 6k in my current one
    2014 XK Dynamic R Coupe (no backbox, supercharger pulley upgrade and K&N's)
    Audi A6/C6 quattro - going soon
    Toyota C-HR Hybrid, gone
    Peugeot 2008 EAT6 with pan roof and heated seats - new addition

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    Only 2 years but loving the car!
    There is no substitute for cubic inches!

    Jaguar XK 4.2 2006

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    I'm in my 16th year of Jaguar ownership, 12th of XK ownership.

    Started with an X-Type Indianapolis in 2003, then an XKR 4.2 (X100) in 2007, an XKR 5.0 (X150) in 2012 and I bought my current car, an XKR-S earlier this year.

    I'm planning to hang on to this one as long as possible and practical, as there's only me and the wife,

    Still raises a smile every time I get into it and it's a daily driver too!
    If you're going to be a Bear, be a Grizzly

    03 X-Type Indianapolis (3.0 AWD)
    54 4.2 XKR (X100)
    11 5.0 XKR (X150)
    64 5.0 XKR-S (X150)

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