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Thread: How long have you owned your xk

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    How long have you owned your xk

    I was just checking what is due with our cars tax ins etc . I was surprised that itís been 51/2 yrs that Iíve owed my jag & I still get a kick out of it when ever I drive it .so whatís the longest xk owner here .
    Xk 5.0 conv 2009

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    7 years (but it is an X100)

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    2 years with my 5 litre XKR but I had a 4.2 litre XKR for 5 years before that and that was also black so a lot of people don't realise that I have changed the car!
    Current Jag: 2010 5.0 XKR (XKR-S X-Pipe, smaller S/C pulley and Tune ~650bhp - 11.567@123.19, max v=126.04!)

    Previous Jags: 2007 4.2 XKR | 2004 4.2 XJ8 | 1998 4.0 XJR | 1996 6.0 XJ12 | 1989 5.3 XJ-S | 1983 5.3 XJ-S | 1980 5.3 XJ-S

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    5 years to date, but no intentions of selling until I canít climb in and out of hopefully another 15 years or so to go....with a bit of luck
    2006 XK Indigo Blue with Caramel seats and Sable carpets

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    Had mine for 4 years before I sold it for practicality reasons. Overall, still the best car I’ve owned to date.
    Current Car:
    2017 XE R-Sport 25t 250Ps 18MY.

    Previous Cars:
    2000 S-Type 3.0L SE Auto
    2004 X-Type 3.0L AWD SE Auto estate.
    2007 XK x150 4.2L Coupe

    Resident Super Moderator.
    V6 X-Type Oil Sump Replacement Guide

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    10 years this November and it is a keeper.


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    I’m still a newbie, just turned one year with the car, so many years to go I hope....
    No intentions of selling it, was tempted to get a newer R Dynamic, but have decided to stay with mine as I like it so much!
    Current Car: 2011 XK 5.0. Daily Driver: 2019 BMW M140

    Previous Cars:
    2002 X Type, 1967 MGB GT, 1982 Rover SD1 Vitesse, 1975 MGB, 1984 Mini 25, 1973 Mini
    2017 BMM 530e, 2014 BMW 328, 2010 Audi A5, 2009 VW Touareg, 2006 Audi A6, 2000 Land Rover Discovery, 1997 Merc C Class, 1993 Volvo 480

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    1yr with mine but 14yrs with previous X100, and 120k sublime miles covered in that...just 6k in my current one
    2014 XK Dynamic R Coupe
    Audi A6/C6 quattro
    Toyota C-HR Hybrid

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    Only 2 years but loving the car!
    There is no substitute for cubic inches!

    Jaguar XK 4.2 2006

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    I'm in my 16th year of Jaguar ownership, 12th of XK ownership.

    Started with an X-Type Indianapolis in 2003, then an XKR 4.2 (X100) in 2007, an XKR 5.0 (X150) in 2012 and I bought my current car, an XKR-S earlier this year.

    I'm planning to hang on to this one as long as possible and practical, as there's only me and the wife,

    Still raises a smile every time I get into it and it's a daily driver too!
    If you're going to be a Bear, be a Grizzly

    03 X-Type Indianapolis (3.0 AWD)
    54 4.2 XKR (X100)
    11 5.0 XKR (X150)
    64 5.0 XKR-S (X150)

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