Hello Forum,

I've got a 1954 Jag XK-120 DHC that's spent the last forty years in a barn. We've power washed as best we could in the remote location, but can't seem to locate the chassis number, which I need to get a VIN and thus a new title. The Moss Motors site says, "
Stamped on chassis left-hand side member bracket to rear of exhaust down pipes
". Well, this sounds a little like British English, but I'm assuming that what they mean by "left-hand" and "rear" are the same as what I mean by those terms, however, there are a few things down there that could be described as a "bracket" and they're all covered with crud, even after the power wash. Am I looking for the number on the top of the chassis, or on the side, or even the bottom? Can anyone shed any light on this for me?