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Thread: Just bought a dual action orbital on its use pls.

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    Just bought a dual action orbital on its use pls.

    My old (2006) S type has a few shallow scratches (and a couple of deeper ones) I thought about having it professionally polished. The hem, careful Yorkshireman came out and I reasoned that for less than the price they would charge I could buy my own polisher.
    I won't be doing a machine polish very often (probably only once), so I wasn't going to splash out on a top of the line one. I looked around and decided one from Argos at £50 ish. would fit the bill.

    If you have any suggestions as to the type of compounds, polishes etc. that are good to use, I would be well pleased.


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    All my compounds are from Meguiars, my personal choice.

    Speed settings and pressure are important. Higher speeds for compounds and lower speeds for polish and waxes. Steady as you go and you’ll quickly get the hang of it.
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    Plenty of videos online to give you some ideas. Maybe to start out try some Autoglym SRP with a black polishing pad, as it has minimal cutting power so unlikely to do any huge damage.
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