Two weeks ago I retrofitted new H4 headlamps into my '97 and along with that I'm trying to tract down two electrical gremlins.

First is an intermittent issue with my gas gauge. It works about every other time.

Second is the heated seats. I replaced the heaters in the driver's seat (found a badly burned out wire in the old seat pad) the week before when I had it reupholstered so that isn't the issue.

I installed a brand new battery after bench charging it to full. Then I removed every fuse in all five panels, visually inspected then sprayed contact cleaner on the board contacts before re-inserting each fuse.

I used the car as a daily driver for the rest of the week and no problems except for the gremlins above. Then I drove the car to the Charlotte airport and left it in the daily garage for nine days.

When I got back to the car it started right up. The gas gauge was working but the power windows and the windshield washer pump were not working. There was this weird clicking noise coming from several relays in or around the cabin, and that chorus kept going during almost the entire 90 minute drive home. Today I drove the car and that chorus had disappeared.

Any clue as to what that issue was?