Hi, this is not about vendor bashing, but this is so strange, I’ve never even heard of business methods like this. So I’ll share, then the administrator must decide if it’s not for this forum.

Last weekend I received an interesting offer from where I buy parts from my 07 XKR and 85 XJ6, Limora in Germany. See text below. Besides free freight the offer was that we could choose our own price! First I thought, can this be true? On the other hand I’ve heard about restaurants that let customers decide what to pay, and that works fine, most people are willing to pay for something good, and don’t take advantage. And as we probably all know, when you can buy a water temp sensor for €50, it probably costs €3-5 to produce, so this could work out for both parties, also maybe clearing their excess inventory that was going to the trash? I don’t know, but I looked at the offer in front of me, in black and white, and believed they meant it. So I spent 1-2 hours putting together an order list, some stuff I need now, some stuff I’ll need within maybe 6 months, and lots of stuff I would never have bought at full price. So the campaign worked for them I thought. The prices I was willing to pay were around 1/3 of list price, which would leave them some margin on most parts. A local Jag-friend did the same.

However, Limora did not live up to their campaign. They sent a counter offer to both of us, with prices about 20% below list and with freight charges. WTF? It’s as if their marketing people and order people never spoke! I wrote back, that I was willing to remove some parts from my list, but that I expected the rest to be at the prices I wrote to them. They refused. Simple fraud IMO. So now I’m looking for another vendor, no way I’ll support business methods like that.

Have any of you had similar experiences?

“From 25. October up to and including 27. October: The Limora special-price weekend.

Choose the right price for yourself for a long weekend.
In this period we ship all your orders free of shipping costs within the whole of Europe.”

“replenish their stocks of wear and tear or consumables at the special price they require, or to buy an interesting, much sought-after tool.
Please understand the campaign as a heartfelt thank-you for your faithfulness, loyalty and devotion for so many years...!”

“the special price weekend from today, 25 October up to and including Sunday, 27 October 2019.
Choose the right price for yourself for a long weekend!”