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Thread: Expensive oil and labour

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    If you have some time to spare see what an MOT checks then compare it to what a "service" lists.

    You can take your car for an oil and filter change at any good indy. I always take the oil and filter to the garage too. So you KNOW whats being used. Then I am sure your capable of checking to see if your lighting works and doors lock etc. Or as I would suggest take it for an MOT. Much cheaper and much more thorough than an Jaguar dealership who just wants to make money on the smallest excuse. Remember the dealerships are fitters not mechanics.

    I once took my car into a dealership for a repair. When I got the bill back there was an additional item. "Check coolant fluid levels and top up if necessary..........£67 ". I know my "coolant fluid" other wise know as water was ok before I left. Confronting the service manager ......... "whats all this about coolant fluid etc????" ............. "all part of the service sir", like he was doing me a favour. "did you have to top it up??" "errr no sir" So your charging me £67 for taking the radiator cap off and seeing its full and doesn't neet doing??" Needless to say I did not pay it. The problem is some would fall for it and just pay. I have had enough dealings with dealerships to stay well clear.
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    It's in the detail.

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    My '67 plate XF was serviced on Monday at a main dealer, under the service plan I paid £650 for when I bought the car. It should cover 5 years and services. This was the second and I haven't had to pay anything extra yet.

    OP, weren't you offered the service plan?

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    Going from memory here, I had a 5 litre XK convertible a while back. Grange Welwyn changed the oil and filter for £195 and stamped the book.
    At a guess the oil was about £100, filter £20 the balance labour and VAT.
    6 months later I asked about an oil change for a 5 litre XKR to be told it was £395. Same oil, same filter, same labour, same VAT. They did offer to do it for a reduced con, sorry price, of £345 but could not explain why they wanted more to change the oil of the XKR over the XK.

    Same old story I guess. XKR owners are considered to have deeper pockets than XK owners, and if your don't ask, you won't get.

    Needless to say I went to my indie as I wanted a stamp in the book. Now adays, I do it my self but keep the receipts for the oil and filter and write my own entry in the service book.

    Main dealers are not there to help you, they are there to make as much money as possible and they prey on the weak or lazy and those with more money than sense.

    Disclaimer. Just my opinion folks.
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    I personally do all the work on my cars myself, in the garage i tend to take pics and print them off for the customers, just so they know whats been done and whats been used

    The upside with DIY is well.

    You know it's being done right and you know what oil goes in it..

    At a garage they bulk buy so when you just throw them a car regardless of model they'll stick "whatever" in.

    Dealers as said have to make moolah!

    I "booked" my S type in for a service, they wanted £350!

    I can buy top quality oil and a set of filters for half that!!

    Labour is my time!!

    SO FREE!!
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    As soon as you walk into the dealer you’d better be ready with your credit card. My last service was for my ex Lexus hybrid, £600 😬, that was the nail in the coffin, doesn’t matter how good the coffee is, that’s taking the pi$$
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