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Thread: Buying XJ 2011 X351 3 .Diesel

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    Question Buying XJ 2011 X351 3 .Diesel

    Buying XJ 2011 X351 3 .Diesel ,105k Miles . Is there anything I need to pay particular attention to . Garage offering 1 year AA free breakdown guarantee and 12 months Gold warranty . No advisories on MOT. Please help .

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    I cant say what to look out for i am afraid apart from if it drives ok but i have this weekend changed my S type that i had 7 years to an XJL and so far i am very pleased.
    Once i had sat in it i think i was sold before hitting the start button so any potential doubts about it being the right thing to do went right out the window.
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    Cambelt is due. If paying a garage, I bet it ain't cheap.

    No real known issues beyond the well documented rattle from the sunroof, but at 105k, some of the suspension bushes will soon need replacing - but no different to any other 100k car.
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    Hey there, se you're looking to get into XJ X351 ownership?

    Per the boy ( good advice as always ) see thread here with service sheets attached

    Cambelt and tensioners due
    Bake fluid change probably due too if not already done?
    Has it been serviced recently? I'd be looking to have it done anyway, engine oil / filter change, fuel, air and pollen filter too

    Check sunroof as stated, open it and look at the runners, listen for noises on test drive.
    If or when you buy it, you might consider having the gearbox fluids done ( check if they have been done or not ? ) Jaguar say sealed for life, but most have it changed out at around 50k miles or so

    They are, a lot of the car for the money
    Fingers crossed you have a good one, hope to hear

    Best of luck



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    Good advice from The Boy and Jim.

    When you have bought the car just make sure you drive it plenty and keep it well serviced. Make sure the oil level is kept at approx 3/4 full to avoid any oil dilution problems.
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    Other things to look out for are...

    Cam covers split - Both Sides - Indications of oil on the injectors and foam insulation are a start
    Throttle body split at the Y pipe - Indications are excessive oil in between the banks - sprayed over heater plug shrouding and coolant assy - Only fix it to buy new or source a very clean S Type 2.7 Throttle body with the prefix part number of 4S7Q - Physically the same, you just need to swap over the throttle body motor and the MAP sensor.

    Intercooler splits - The box section by the DS headlamp, large hose going into it from the air intake - Side blows off - Poor Design

    Thats about the extent of what i know (apart from the usual niggles) on the 3.0 Engine - Had it with my XF, now enduring the same with the XJ.


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    +1 on the Intercooler, mines 2010 with 110,000 miles and had the Intercooler and both intake manifolds replaced, not long before i brought the car

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    Aside from intercooler , Other thing is to listen to the aircon it should be quiet any bearing type noise normally indicates compressor is worn, Quite a common issue.

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    As I’ve said to others in the past, I’m now on my 9th Jag, however the moment you sit in a XJ you’ll be smitten. I’ve had no major issues with mine since ownership just a few niggles which have been sorted out. Others have mentioned sunroof noises to look out for, other than that it’s a lot of car and the drive and ride are superb.
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