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Thread: Dim Headlights

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobinT View Post
    Thanks guys. No idea what sort of bulbs they are, I haven't made any changes to them, so with it being the XF-S, I would assume they are the best ones available as standard (if that makes sense).
    Is there some sort of test I can do
    Mine are bi-xenon and as yours is newer I'd expect the same. The easiest check is
    1) Do you have headlight washers - these are mandatory with xenon lights
    2) Is there a headlight height adjuster wheel next to the dash light dimmer? - Xenons adjust automatically so there won't be one if you have xenons
    3) When you pull the lever to flash the lights, can you hear a clunk noise? - This is the flap moving in a bi-xenon light
    Afaik xenons were standard on the S but those are the tell-tales.
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    Also, if HID/Xenons, Jaguar generally switched from D1S bulbs to D3S ones at facelifts. My guess would be that yours has D3S bulbs. Something to confirm before buying.
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    Yes, the facelifts use D3S bulbs and the headlights are time consuming to remove.
    Pre facelift you just had to remove the 3 headlight bolts but the bumper has to dropped on the facelift as the headlamp doesn't fit through the hole otherwise.
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    I'm going to be following this thread with interest, as I am not overly satisfied with the output of my 2013 XF's headlights too.

    This was all the more evident having jumped in the XK this evening having not used it at night for a while... The difference was almost like chalk and cheese in comparison, which I found most peculiar when both have Xenons, and the XK is 7 years older.

    A week or so ago I adjusted the XFs headlights up a touch using the adjusters on the top of the light units, which helped a bit, as before they were just woeful at night. This helped somewhat, but they are not what I expect from Xenons. Also, the main beam is not as efficient as the XKs which packs a real punch in difference.

    Do the ballasts (etc) become not as efficient over time and use? Bear in mind my XF has 307K miles on the clock, so headlights have likely seen a bit of use...
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    My head lights dimmed a couple of weeks back, then a couple of days later the alternator died, so as a real simple check, measure the voltage across the battery with the engine running, anything under 13 volts could mean an alternator, or some other electrical issue. My wipers also became noticeably slower, but it was a few days before the dreaded battery light came up. New alternator, and all back to normal. Admittedly my car is a 2011, and pre facelift.
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