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Thread: Look at XJ

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    Look at XJ

    Longtime Jag lover, about to be a first time owner.. Family has been Jag specialists through my entire life..
    An opportunity has come up to purchase a 1992 XJ6, beautiful condition but has a trans issue.. owner says it electrical based issue and with the knowledge I have to pick from we've already created a game plan to rectify the issue before I go pulling the whole transmission.
    I was just wondering if there is anything in particular that I should be looking or checking for when i go to pick it up.. I've researched the living hell out of the car and it seems bulletproof engine wise but have read the odd thing about the frames and I've found most of my informations in forums so I figured I'd just come too the source.
    Any help or direction would be amazing..
    I'm over the moon excited for the car and I dont mind the work that's going to go into it. I come from a Jag family.. I know it's going to have issues 😁.
    All the best!

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    A 1992 will be an XJ40 series XJ saloon made when Ford were in charge, so it will have all the improvements made under the Ford regime. Mechanically these cars are normally OK, but you should inspect for the dreaded rust bug. Better advice can be given if you tell us a bit more about the car, like mileage, maintenance records (any ?) etc. It is very easy to buy a Jaguar but not so easy to sort out the problems, and this car is now nearly 18 years old. A car of that age needs careful inspection and some idea of how well it has been looked after, so service records and invoices are important.
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