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Thread: Buying a whole new truck "deck" for British Green XE 20D

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    Buying a whole new truck "deck" for British Green XE 20D

    Hello all, first post here...hope this thread is in the right zone.

    I recently bought a 2017 XE 20D (British racing green)--someone just dented the very top right corner of the trunk. I am working with several PDR folks locally to try and get it out, but unsure if it'll work.

    This IS extreme...and ocd, but can y'all recommend any places online where I might be able to locate a scrap trunk that actually matches? I know it's a loooong shot. I reallllly do not want to go the body shop route just yet and willing to pay the price for a replacement.

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    Hi Ahealy,

    I'm guessing by the terminology you are using that you are in the US?

    If so you may have more success on, which I understand is the US based equivalent of this site which is primarily UK based.

    I hope you find the part you need.


    2017 XE Portfolio 180PS AWD in Santorini Black with climate pack (I don't scrape!) panoramic roof, privacy glass and 19" style 1015 wheels (that I'd happily swap for a nice set of 18" 5 spokes. Anyone?)

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    already seen some, may not find a matching color but may pop up every now and then.

    found that one.

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