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Thread: Steering clunk

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    Steering clunk

    Now I'm no expert.... but even I know this is bad!

    I get a clunk pushing side to side, but not top to bottom, so am I correct in ruling out wheel bearings and focusing on the steering mechanism? The tie rod ends seem to have no play on their balljoint... so could the problem be further inboard?

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    In general I wouldn't rule out anything, but ... the obvious thing to check first would be the bushes in the 'banana' shaped suspension arm. The larger bush, ie the frontward and inboard one, is a well known item to need replacement.

    Indeed all the large bushes in the Jag's suspension are well known 'not to have long lives'.
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    The banana arms were replaced recently, so hopefully not them. To the best of my ability yesterday I couldn't feel any movement in any part I could touch.... more that the steering rod would disappear into the bellows of what I take to be the steering rack and clunk in there. No movement of the other wheel (firmly on the ground) and no visible movement of the steering wheel itself.

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    inner steering rod ends
    With that noise should be easy for an accomplice to pinpoint from under the car
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