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Thread: XF Diesel system water sensor

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    Question XF Diesel system water sensor

    Good afternoon all

    I have been told that I need to change the fuel system (water in fuel) sensor, as the I keep on getting the "Water in fuel" warning displayed on my speedo cluster. Apprently this is a fairly common fault!

    I have ordered a new sensor from my local Jaguar dealer.

    Can anyone tell me (A). Where the sensor is situated in the car? And (B). Whether I can change it myself, and/or whether maybe the engine management system will need re-setting etc..?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to provide me with any help or answers

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    Sorry I'm no help on the DIY front, but I can tell you that my indy charged me £116.09p inc. VAT to replace mine on an X351.

    (... which, of course, may be completely irrelevant as far as an XF goes)

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    If you are a DIY person it's easy.

    Release the fuel lines at the top of the filter.
    Undo the T20 Torx on the clamp.
    Lift up the fuel filter and release the electric connector.
    Unscrew the old sensor. Make sure you have the right one as the 2.7 and 3.0 are different.
    Try to keep as much diesel in the filter as you can for easier initial starting.
    Just a reversal putting it back together.

    If you do loose all the diesel out of the filter, put the ignition on a few times without starting the car to prime the filter.

    XJ diesel is exactly the same.

    Edit : no engine management reset necessary.
    2010 Jaguar XJL V8 Portfolio.

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