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Thread: XJ X350 / 358 Tank Straps Available on Ebay

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    Well that wasn't too bad at all to do !!!!

    New straps are in place and all is good. Here's how I did mine :

    Sorry no pics, too focussed on getting the job done.

    1. Reverse the car onto some ramps, support the fuel tank with trolley jack and a piece of timber to spread the load.

    2. The strap fixings are: 1 bolt at the rear and 1 hinge pin at the front - on each strap.

    3. The bolts on my car were good quality and came undone easily. Once the rear bolts were removed there was no tension on the front hinge pin, so with a sharp flat blade screwdriver the rust-free pins came out easily. The offside strap gives a little more access than the nearside.

    4. Now the replacement straps are not marked but are slightly different in length so trial fitting is advised. I fitted the hinge end first, then the bolt end. I used the existing bolts not the ones supplied with the kit, because the originals are slightly longer and as a result easier to fit.

    5. Remove all tools and supports from under the car, drive off ramps and you're good to go.

    Lessons learnt:

    1. Ideally do this on a day when your tank is almost empty;

    2. Use axle stands to support the body as the air suspension has a tendency to deflate and you don't want that happening whilst under the car.

    3. Do make sure you trial fit the straps before installation as the offside strap needs to be the longer one.

    Altogether, with me and a pal, it took us about an hour to 1:30 to do from start to finish, with no rusty fixings to make things difficult.

    Cheers all,


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    Half a job Harry

    No pictures, blah, blah

    Seems I'll have to take some later this year

    That said, well done Dave.

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