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Thread: Lying Salesman..A cancer among us, unfortunately. UK.

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    Lying Salesman..A cancer among us, unfortunately. UK.

    Hello all. Thanks for looking.
    I'm a new member, but not totally new to the world Jaguar (UK) having owned a XF since 2017. I recently decided to look and buy an F-Type, midlife crisis and all that (well bit past mid but hey ho)
    I went to a few main dealer showrooms after looking online for a suitable car, tested a few and finally decided on a red 2017 3.0 R-Dynamic.
    All went well, even thou the buying as usual was the typical stereo type salespersons tactics, oh I'll go see my manager, and the normal push for all the very unnecessary GAP insurance etc, anyways moving on. I agreed on the part exchange and cash amount for the car and I awaited delivery.
    I also done my homework and had someone from another F-Type forum get me the details on the vehicle, so I could go armed with as much information as possible. One of the items was the car was due this June for a Major service, this was date related and not mileage as the car has only covered nearly 17000 miles.
    We agreed on the sale, and the 'Manager' said, 'even thou the car is a little short of the 3 month date that Jaguar stipulate for automatic service on a Jaguar Approved Vehicles, I wouldn't release the car to you until it was done'.
    So I waited 5 days and finally the car was to be delivered this Monday past. I received the car, done a quick walk around and notice two dust caps missing (hint one) so the delivery driver took two from my 2017 XF and placed them on the car.
    So after the delivery driver left, I took the car for a drive, unfortunately it was horrid weather and went to use the windscreen washer, and no fluid appeared (hint two)
    When I arrived home I thought I'd go over the vehicle and check other things, first thing I noticed was the coolant level was on minimum (hint three)
    So regretfully, I contacted the dealer and explained my disappointment.
    I received the usual generic apologies etc and allegedly it was being looked into.
    Several emails ensued and I kind of got the impression that I was receiving ambiguous emails, nothing specific, all vague etc (hint 4)
    I has also been repeatedly asking for a print out of the service work undertaken and also past history, I did get one email from my initial contact with an email with dates and mileage of the actual Jaguar print out etc (hint 5)
    I then was passed over from my initial contact to another person at the company, whom I spoke to on the phone and to cut a long story short we agreed the car was to be looked at a service centre nearer to me, as the original point of sale dealer was some 140 miles away, some 280 mile round trip, and as I am on a limited mileage insurance I did not want to waste mileage.
    I then asked in an email for this to be confirmed in writing, and so the fun began.
    Basically they have said THEY NEVER AGREED TO THE SERVICE AND THE 'MANAGER' SAID THAT HE WOULD OF NEVER AGREED TO THAT! even thou repeatedly in several emails I stated the service looks like it was never undertaken before delivery and they never once, UNTIL I asked for it in writing, said that it had in fact not been done.
    My reaction to this all, saddened but at the same time not surprised. The stress and anguish I am currently going through is tremendous. Not pulling on the heart strings but I'm not a young man anymore and also not 100% healthy, hence why the midlife crisis car to be brutally honest.
    This is the second time I have bought a Jaguar and both times my experience has been stressful and incredibly sad. Do these people not realise why Japanese and German cars are No1. It doesn't have to be this way.
    I have told them I am returning the vehicle under the Jaguar approved 30 day cooling of period, I await the fall out later today.
    ps. I am aware customers lie too. But I can only tell you my take on it as it is happening to me.

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    Sorry to hear of your experience - this is very poor service from a main dealer particularly on what I imagine was an expensive car - not that it would be OK on a budget car! JLR are struggling for sales at the moment and you would think that they would be expecting all their dealers to be making every effort to keep their customers happy!

    I assume they did not put in writing that they would going to carry out the service prior to the sale? but if a salesmen at a main dealer said they would do this you would think they could be taken at their word rather than applying these sort of 'Arthur Daily' tactics of some back street outfit that you are experiencing. I think you have no choice but to kick up big time about this but it really shouldn't be necessary at a reputable dealer - good luck with getting this sorted!
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    Any agreement with a salesman is part of a contract - even when made verbally - the hard part is proving it. But, if they refuse to cover the cost of this Service at your nearest Jaguar Dealer explain that you will be taking the car back for a full refund (assuming you can do this within the 30-day cooling off period). You will probably have to drive the 140 miles back to get a refund and your trade-in car may no longer be available but that is always the danger when buying cars so far away - any cost incurred will be your responsibilty but by all means check this with the returns policy.

    Jaguar Return Policy:-

    You have the right to cancel orders at any time within 30 days after the products have been delivered to you and receive a refund from us. This right to cancel is in addition to your right to return defective or damaged goods set out in the "Damaged or Defective Goods" section, and your other legal rights.
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    You could ask Jaguar Customer Relations to take a look for you: Send a Private Message (PM) to the forum user "CRC@Jaguar".

    Good luck but don't wind yourself up about it! It is not worth it. Just step through it calmly, with the attitude that you can always get it serviced yourself even if it means some more expense and see how you get on
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    Most main dealer salesmen, not all I hasten to add, are complete muppets, I once viewed a Merc 320SL at a main dealers, I asked the salesman whether it was a V6 or straight 6, he said he wasn’t sure so lifted the bonnet had a look and confirmed it was a V6. I educated him, if it had all six plug leads and/or exhaust manifold on the same side of the engine it was not a V6.
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    Sorry to hear about this, sadly it's not an isolated incident, plenty of similar stories out there. Please keep us updated with what happens.
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    I would be inclined to return the car if you can.............They have spoiled the whole "new car experience" I doubt that you will ever like that car now.

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    I sincerely hope that your last disappointment will not be that the salesman told you that the car you were buying was an “Ex Jaguar Management Car” when it has been established no such thing exists. If your F type has an OV,OY OW OE registration it could have been an ex daily rental car or an F type I personally thrashed down the straight at Gaydon with an instructor encouraging me to keep my foot pressed to the floor!

    Seriously after your experience to date I would return the car for a full refund.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MM1963 View Post
    I have told them I am returning the vehicle under the Jaguar approved 30 day cooling of period
    That's what I would do, as well as raising a formal complaint with the relevant Jaguar authorities.
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    My only advice is...Trust no one, everybody's just after your money. They'll promise you the earth just to get their greasy hands on your money and then they don't want to know. Cars, double glazing,builders, plumbers, butchers, candlestick makers - you name it, they are all the same. Somebody once told me that a business is just a fancy name for a con. Trust no one.
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