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    96 XJ6 airbag warning light is on won’t go off. Any ideas please.(I am not a mechanic)

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    Is it on right from the start, or comes on about 20 seconds after the engine is running?

    If there is a lag, the system autodiscovery registers no communication with the impact sensors at the front of the car.

    Typically, this is a faulty connector, or one that hasn't been installed securely after some engine work has been done.

    If there is no lag, it's because the system autodiscovery immediately identifies the NON-READY condition of the Secondary Restraint System (SRS) due to 1. It 'sees' the airbag has already been deployed and is, therefore, in operable; or 2. the responding sensors in the air bag system are registering a below serviceable strength condition, which means they are warning if there is an collison, the airbag will not deploy properly, rendering it a poor safety device.

    If there's a lag, go ahead and look for a loose for faulty connection with wires right behind the headlamps, or a bad fuse. Check your owner's manual for which ones to verify. Sometimes just removing and replacing fuse is all you need, because you re-establish the connection and the level of the current being measured is restored.

    If the dash light comes on right away and you're not mechanically inclined, you'll have to take it to an experienced, genuine service technician. Airbag maintenance is tricky and you can trigger a deployment if you're not careful.

    All the best.


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