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Thread: onboard mobile setup - help/suggestions/planing

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    Exclamation onboard mobile setup - help/suggestions/planing

    recently got myself a 2002 jaguar xj8 SE. noticed the steering wheel had a mobile phone option but when i press it it says phone not connected.i havent figured out yet what exactly im meant to do or what would be the best aproach to setting this up.
    from other posts i gathered id have to purchase some parts but im wondering if its worth getting the original or aftermarket componants such as maybe even adding a bluetooth unit. (other threads seem to suggest that)

    what i do know is that there is supposedly a connector of some sort under the center armrest where the phone connections are and that there should be a silver box in the boot or a blue connector for one.
    what i dont know is what to plug in and where. for example the white plug under the arm rest is already connected to another connector (is it meant to be? its white aswell) and if i was to get a aftermarket bluetooth modual would i just plug it into the blue connector in the boot? or would there be more id have to do first.

    im honestly not sure what the best plan of attack for this issue is,or the steps to get it sorted. but it would be really helpful to hear what others have done to solve this.

    (sorry for bad spelling/punctuation, thats my weakpoint)

    honestly this isnt a big drawback as i love the car regardless but id really like to try get this sorted as stated above

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    The factory system which makes use of all the buttons was not bluetooth, so little point in fitting that.

    I would recommend you get an aftermarket system of some sort.

    You could take a power feed of that white connector at the back of the console (white wire with green stripe sounds familar)

    And then connect 3 wires to the rear of the head unit.
    2 for audio
    1 for mute

    so the phone call is played over the cars factory speakers
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