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Thread: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRG02 View Post
    Does this pave the way for a 'trade' deal? We'll ignore Stanley's 'error' if you overlook Jeremy's?
    Ha! You just couldn't make it up! And these are pensioners most at risk!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jag-Black View Post
    Are the government actually trying to inflate the perceived infection risks to enable justification to fine big companies over new c-19 workplace laws to claw some cash back? I don't know.
    They could use it to pay for the price rise from Essential Pharma who's cost of supplying lithium carbonate to the NHS has suddenly risen by 2600%, from £3.22 a pack to £87. The drug itself doesn't feature much in my life, it keeps people with genuine bi-polar pointing roughly ahead in life and it's the badge of honour prescription drug for disaffected youth who feel life and responsibility should be for others to concern themselves with rather than just getting on with it like everyone else.

    But when the bill is estimated to be rising from £2 million a year to £17 million then that affects everyone. Not that it's had much coverage, too much distraction with pointy-uppy graphs - a cynical person would think it was deliberate. It was a lovely graph mind, very reminiscent of the angle Mistress would bend her whip too before striking - those halcyon moments before the rage, warmed the heart and bottom.

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