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Thread: Cleaning the Engine Compartment

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    Cleaning the Engine Compartment

    Not seeing any tips about cleaning the engine compartment of the F-Type, I thought I'd ask if there are any caveats before I go taking a brush and sprayer under the hood. How do you guys keep the engine compartment clean? Is there anything I need to cover up or avoid getting wet before unleashing the water?
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    Hey there, congrats on the F type, lucky devil, great cars

    Re engine cleaning, not too much to worry about generally speaking, here's some general ideas below that may find useful

    DON'T use a pressure washer or garden hose on the engine ( sounds like you're ahead of the game on that anyway )

    Here's the way I tackle mine with a few ideas / suggestions and pics below

    I use the following....
    Either a 1" or 2" paintbrush
    Have some older disposable rags handy and some cleaner microfibers too
    A spray bottle of your favourite APC ( All purpose cleaner ) and or light degreaser ( Dish soap such as Fairy Liquid or Dawn will work just as well )
    Autoglym Vinyl and rubber
    A sponge to apply Autoglym Vinyl and rubber

    Here's my old X358 engine bay

    Better still, a quick before and after on my sons old Renault Clio from some years ago, big difference


    I found that by working inwards to outside worked best and so started by firstly cleaning the underside of the bonnet
    Then cleaned the depths of the engine as far as I could reach, working upwards and outwards

    Spraying and then agitating with the brush to get into all the little nooks and crannies, wiping with the rag and then drying off, working upwards and outwards.
    Once all the cleaning / drying was done it was a simple case of spraying the Autoglym vinyl and rubber on the hoses and black plastics and working in with a sponge before a quick gentle wipe over to remove any excess

    Probably take around 1 and a half to 2 hours maximum, then stand back and admire your handiwork

    Hope it helps and look forward to seeing your results




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