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Thread: what six cylinder engine

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    what six cylinder engine

    There is a nice 3.6 manual for sale near me, from 1986. Researching this makes me think again as the general opinion of this type of engine / year is not very favourable.

    I am reading that these with the old ignition / fuel systems are “hopelessly unrefined”. It seems it has the error prone early type of Lucas EFI.

    From 1987 onwards this engine was “much improved”.
    Then in 1991 the 4.0 replaced the 3.6 in the XJS.
    May 1994 until the end the AJ16 4.0 was fitted, which some say are “the best engine Jaguar ever built”.

    So, should this be a warning to me to stay away from that 3.6 manual?
    Or, if the car is mechanically in sound condition, will it behave? I do not mind the odd job but do not want a car that has a new problem every month or so. Better to go for a newer version? Are the AJ16 engines really such a big step forward? I see XJS with these engines have the simpler to maintain rear brakes too. On the other hand I like the earlier versions better (better styling and details in my opinion).
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    It probably depends on what you want the car for, if your intention is to drive it a lot then the later variant might be the better option. Many years ago I owned a 1988 3.6 (auto) and it was a lovely car to drive. I now have a 1989 V12 (auto) and this is also lovely to drive. These are the only XJS's I've had to maintain, so I can't help with the earlier vs later engine question, but part of me thinks I should have bought something older than I did because there's something about the older less refined version that appeals to me.
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