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Thread: Rear brake pads

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    Thanks for that, didn't know there was a GG-rated rear pad option. Some interesting posts recently on this, apparently the ABS system is calibrated for GG rated front and FF rated rears for brake balance reasons. Just need someone to come up with a HH rated front pad now
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    Are TRW putting DOT codes on their base products these days? I had a set of TRW pads on the front of mine. They worked but measured pitifully. I'm not surprised they were not going to say what compound level they used. The TRW GDB1877 I had had no DOT code markings. Cheap adequate product but nothing special. As the fronts were so bad, I binned the new rears when I swapped back to OE for the fronts.

    I don't believe that the comparative temps front to back has anything material to do with the friction levels. For example, our Tucson has FF fronts and GG rears from the factory. But whatever the manufacturer chose is what the ABS and DSC were calibrated with.

    The cheap rear OE pads for the 376 mm discs are also FF and are also made by ATE. The ATE part number and compound numbers are identical. The C2P25493 has the fancy clips and a dramatically higher price
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    Neilr I had to ask TRW for the dot code I was interested in what was on the back. They are as you say nothing special.


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