Okay auto has been sitting for two years and the stupid gas we are forced to use now, has really done a job. Had to replace the fuel pump and transfer relay, filter, etc. Finally got fuel to the fuel rail but the car won't start. Found out that only one of the ignitors is actually firing gas. The other five are evidently complete plugged. I don't even hear them clicking. Question is to replace them is quite expensive. Is there any way to clean them as I have removed them along with the whole rail. I have an ultrasonic cleaner but don't know what would be best to use as a cleaner and not even sure if that will work. Or is there anyone who will refurbish & test them at a reasonable price? Any advise at this point would really help. I want to keep the price down since I am planning to sell the XJ6. It has low mileage. Thanks/Lee

I did find a firm that will clean & test them for $18.00 each and plan to send them off to the company. The company is called Injector Rx. I hope they will be able to get them unstuck because 5 out of the 6 are stuck solid by the fuel and not sure they will be able to get working again. They claim a 95% success rate however which are pretty good odds.

I have one other question that I am wondering about. If I turn on the pump it pumps up to 40psi in a short time without the auto running. But if I turn the pump off, the pressure leaks down quite rapidly to 20psi and then slowly goes to zero. I am not very familiar with injector driven autos, but a few years ago when I worked on my '87 Jag(yes I have two) the rail pressure held for a fairly long time and did not immediately bleed down to 20 lbs or so. Question -- IS THIS NORMAL? If not what should I look for and how could I troubleshoot if not normal? This was with all of the present injectors in place. Could I have one injector that is perhaps partially leaking off the pressure?