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Thread: Replacing Cruise Control Button on steering wheel

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    Replacing Cruise Control Button on steering wheel

    Anyone know how to replace the cruise control button on the steering wheel of a 2014 F-Type? Asking of a friend Cheers

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    Sorry, I don't know how to replace that button or even how to replace the entire steering wheel switch panel on that side (RHS).
    I am fairly sure you meed to replace the entire panel but there is nothing in the Workshop Manual about it.
    BUT, I am sure I recall seeing somewhere on the US forum (waaaaay more F-Type action than here) a thread or post about replacing those buttons or the panels, but after a bit of searching I couldn't find it.
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    The entire cruise switch pack is a single unit. You can disassemble it to just replace a single button cap if that is your aim, but you can't buy them individually so you'd need a complete donor pack.
    To remove it you need to remove the airbag, remove the gear shift paddle from behind, unclip the grey (or black) upper plastic trim, then there are two screws and the electrical connector and the switch pack pulls out.
    Note if replacing there are multiple versions through the years and most are incompatible with one another. With a 2014 any cruise switch pack with the flat buttons 'should' be ok, but those with the 3D buttons need to be pre-2016MY to be plug and play.
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