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Thread: low battery

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    low battery

    so after some advice my f pace keeps displaying a low battery please start engine message even after i take it drives of 30 miles to visit family

    it went flat in march called jag assist (the aa i opted for )they said batterry needs replaced under warranty as it was not holding a charge so car was recovred to parks jaguar ayr who then said we will do some tests ver the weekend jag assist called to say they were paying for a taxi home for me and a courtesy car was dropped off that night at my home adress

    monday comes get a call from dealer to say car all ready and the battery did not need replaced under warranty

    collected the car all was mine the next week (yes i only left the car for 1 week) low battery mesage again and no matter how many miles i drive or how often i do it the message will not go away

    i work away from home most of the time on the oil rigs i have left the car before for 3-4 weeks before and no problems on my return

    so my questions to fellow members are the following

    should i be able to leave the car parked in my garage for upto 1 month without connecting a battery charger

    is the battery needing replacement

    if i call jag assist and not take the aa option will they replace the battery under warranty


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    If you get the low battery warning after a run then either the battery isn't holding a charge or your alternator is faulty. I assume the dealer would have checked them both. Did they say what they thought the problem actually was when they didn't change the battery?

    I once drove to Heathrow and parked up for 19 days. When I got back the battery was down to 11.8V although it started fine. Nor sure what would happen after being parked up for a month.
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