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Thread: From X type to XF.

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    From X type to XF.

    Hello just taken the plunge and pxed my X type fro a nice 65 plate shiny XF portfolio.
    Visited my local stealer today to find out the as built list or topix/wasp list??? And was told I could not see/ have it as it is a jlr document. I think it is rubbish and with the facemask hindering speach I could not be bothered to argue the toss..

    so the question is? How can I check if the previous owner has not made any changes that I should inform my insurance company?

    bit childish to be so protective , what good does it do if know. But hey. They are rubbish any way.

    other Qs

    do I need a sim for interrogating the status of the uncontrolled stuff like adblue level etc on my phone or is Bluetooth range close enough?

    thanks in advance


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    It is available online - there is a link somewhere around these forums in fact, because I used it to get the info for mine. I am told that you will get a range warning from 1000 miles before AdBlue is needed, and that it is quite accurate (I've not seen it on mine yet, but my guvnor is on his second XF and knows them well). You will notice a fair old difference going from an X-Type to an XF, for sure. Hope you are happy with your new wheels
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    You should be able to go into Topix yourself. Just google Topix and once in there register and all details will be available to you.
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    You will need the Jaguar/JLR Topix. Accept the T&C here and register on the next page.

    Once registered and logged in, enter your VIN for the data available for free including original build spec. Other available info incurs charges.
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    With regard to the AdBlue, you will get a warning come up on the dash letting you know who much is needed to top up.

    As others have mentioned, register with Topix and it will give you all of your car's bits and pieces.
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