Good Afternoon fellow Jaguar enthusiasts

i have just joined the forum.
i bought my first Jaguar from Park Royal in London in October 2010...after owning multiple other “high end“ marques throughout my previous 40 years of driving.
This is the best grand tourer bar none that I have had the pleasure to drive, the car has low mileage and has been carefully driven ....until a brief lapse of concentration at low speed resulted in a collision with a 6” traffic island kerb. The steering rack and suspension arms were damaged and the n/s front wheel was practically hanging off. The rear n/s wheel had an ugly dent in the rim too...I am gutted but only have myself to blame... and a medical condition affecting my bladder. (I know, TMI)
My insurer tried to argue that at an estimated repair cost of 16k plus??? it was a borderline write off until I explained the limited edition status.
This happened in April This year. Post COVID parts supply is chaotic and I need a new front and rear wheel which Jaguar are saying is out of stock and furthermore don’t know when or if one can be supplied.
I would be very interested if anyone could point me in the direction of those likely to be in the know about finding a replacement rear wheel ...(the front one is available from Jaguar)....
The insurer is breathing down my neck implying that without OEM wheels it will not be an original hence would not command a value enhancement.
I have made enquiries of dealers in the US but await photographs from one outlet in a palm beach that advertised one at 1800$

any help or suggestions welcome