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Thread: Anyone got AA membershop with garage and parts cover?

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    Anyone got AA membershop with garage and parts cover?

    Has anyone got AA membership with the parts and garage cover for up to £500? Is it any good? Worth having? Or do they try and get out of covering things?

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    They seem not to cover a lot of things...

    and they won't cover any existing faults - hard to prove otherwise that one.

    I would read the small print very carefully however they do say that they cover any age and mileage and that you can claim for different cars
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    What is the annual price of the warranty subscription?
    £500 won’t cover much work/ labour at a main dealer,and as John points out warranties are riddled with caveats.
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    Have a mate with a Range Rover with this cover, it's saved him thousands and put him on first name terms with his local specialist...
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