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Thread: Paint hardness for polishing

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    Paint hardness for polishing

    Hi All,

    Does anyone know if ultimate black paint specifically is on the harder or softer side?

    Tried researching a bit and in general it seems Jag paint is on the harder side, but wondering if any fellow detailing enthusiasts have had any specific experience.

    Got a fair bit of swirling all over (and a little hologramming on the bonnet from whoever maybe tried to polish incorrectly) That Id like to tackle soon ish. Have people found this to be relatively hard work?

    As a little background, Im relatively competent with a dual action, and had some decent results on a few cars Ive tried with a rotary which had a bit more correction needed.

    Many thanks,

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    If you’re ok with the DA then you’re half way there. Clay bar is a must first followed by a good quality compound using the DA. A polish specifically designed for black cars next and lastly a carnuba wax.

    It’ll come up like a diamond.
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