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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Squirrel View Post
    **Thread resurrection**

    I would just like to say that just over 1 month of ownership, i am loving the XF very muchly. So much so that i have started referring to anybody that drives anything with less than 6 cylinders as a peasant!

    Is Niiiiiiiice!
    Hello Mr Squirrel, glad to hear you like your XF, and hope you have many trouble free years with it. But you might have to bear with a lot of the peasants like me during your sojourn here!
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    Hi Carpo.

    Having had 2 pretty reliable X types over the last 8 years, i do hope the XF will continue that trend. Before buying, i read lots of reviews that suggested that it is a pretty solid motor and then i joined a XF facesbook group and i now hold my breath when i hit the starter for fear of it exploding into ten million pieces. I really hope that the horror stories are the minority and that i have bought a good un because... well, its a jolly nice car!
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    My impression of the 3 litre diesel was that it's fairly reliable. But then, I'm not on Facebook. I wonder what Russian hackers would have to gain from spreading disinformation about Jag diesels?
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