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Thread: Stuck in Park but brake lights work.

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    Stuck in Park but brake lights work.

    Hi, After being not ran for a month I went to drive it today and the gearbox is stuck in Park and will not come out after trying the suggestions from other owners. I started it without any problem at all first time. The handbrake works and the brake lights work when I depress the pedal. But when I eventually used the small interlock lever under the bezel I could then move the gear selector as normal. Each time I select Park again though the same thing happens!
    Any suggestions please?

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    It sounds like the inhibitor lock solenoid is not disengaging. It may have failed, or there may be a wiring issue.
    It’s probably easiest to swap it out for a spare guest.
    Also test the wiring with a multimeter to see if it gets a 12v trigger when the brake pedal is pressed. (Do this first actually).

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