Hi all. I have a 2010 XF and the central locking/alarm has failed. Firstly I could only lock/unlock the car if I stood by the rear left corner but I could open the boot from a distance,but that then failed also. Sent a fob away to be checked and it came back OK. My local garage downloaded the faults and it came up with both the drivers door and the forward passenger door locking motors inop! However, they both appear to be working using the dashboard switches and the drive away locking system works OK.
On starting the car , if I do not put the fob in the slot by my right knee I get a message "Smart key not found" This sounds more like the control device for the locking is not processing the information signals from the fob. Any ideas where the control box is located?
I have replaced the fob battery several times and also the car battery, all to no avail. Is it worth disconnecting the car battery for an hour?
Any ideas, hits and tips greatly appreciated, thanks, Ian.