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Thread: Blind spot sensors and more stopped working

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    Blind spot sensors and more stopped working

    Ahoy fellow Jaguarians!

    I know, I know - ASO. But maybe someone understands the problem I have lately faced.

    F Type R - my baby. Everything works perfectly. Until recently. Suddenly the blind spot sensors, parking lot, reversing camera stopped working and after a few minutes you cannot change modes to dynamic. Oil level is also not available. My first idea is: the battery. I was right indeed. One of them has failed so naturally I replaced it with a new one. The bigger battery is fine. However, a simple computer scan shows an error on the CAN network but I don't know where.

    Maybe somebody here knows where does the problem of those systems not working occur? The car starts up normally and radio, navigation, windows, mirrors, seats, everything else works fine.
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    Sounds like a reset is the first order of business.
    Not sure of the best method on a 2 battery car. Normally you would disconnect the battery terminals, move them away from the battery and then touch them together for a few seconds to discharge any remaining electricity from the system.
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    Battery / electrical system for sure.

    Literally thousands of posts over on the Yank forum about this:

    The quickest and easiest way to reset the electrical system is to undo the earth/ground lead (which runs from the negative terminal of the big/main battery) from where it bolts to the floor of the boot/trunk, and leave it off for 20 seconds or so before reconnecting. Takes all of 60 seconds to do.
    That is step 1.
    Step 2 is to ensure you have a fully charged battery by connecting a batter tender (such as a CTEK) overnight.
    It is very common for a "new" battery to have been sitting on the shelf for months or even years and to be nowhere near fully charged when first installed.
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