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    looking to have someone do a "daily driver" restoration on my 1982 XJ6 in the Buffalo, NY area. This would include removal and rebuild of engine, replace wiring, and interior. Does anyone have any recommendations, as I have had great difficulty
    finding anyone willing to do this work.



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    Have you also tried posting in the other Jaguar forum - "" ? Just an 's' added to the site name takes you to what is essentially a US-oriented forum, although, like this one, posters come on from all over the globe. I doubt you'll find anywhere conveniently close to Buffalo, you might have to get the car trailered quit a distance. Other thing is a lot of restoration houses don't want to do part-restorations. Have you looked for European car specialists ? I doubt somebody can make a living nowadays on Jaguars alone.
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    why not purchase a nice example that does not need restoring and keep the '82 for parts?
    It will cost you $15 grand
    for a very nice example as oppposed to $30 grand or more to restore. Not worth the expense.
    I know of a choice 1987 in Cincinnatti if you can drive
    to see it in person.
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