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Thread: what to avoid/look for in a used XF

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    what to avoid/look for in a used XF

    Hi I am looking to get the wife a replacement for her S-Type and having only about 5k to spend I'm looking at an XF 2008-10 possibly,any pointers on which engine 2.7 or 3.0D are they on par with each other and do they suffer from having highish mileage(under 130,000) , things to look out for and to avoid.Thanks in advance.

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    At that age and mileage check the timing belt has been changed and the gearbox has been serviced.
    Check all door locks lock and unlock, common fault.
    Check all electrics attached to the boot lid are operational, lights, camera etc. common fault with loom from boot lid to body of car having broken wires.
    Lift off the engine cover and look for the colour of coolant in the middle of the “V”, the plastic coolant pipe above that area can split and leak.
    From reading posts on here the 3.0D seems to be the preferred engine with the S version producing 275bhp being the more powerful. As far as mileage goes there is at least one XF on the forum that is well over 300,000 miles on it and going strong, it’s all down to the way it’s been cared for by it’s previous owners.
    Mine has just turned 10 years old this month and has been very reliable with only consumables and services needing to be done.
    XF 3.0D S 2010 MY11 Luxury. Indigo Blue with champagne and truffle interior.
    Daily drive, 1996 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.5, 2 door with 370,000 klm on the clock that just keeps going. No ABS, no airbags and these strange handles on the door that if you turn them the window opens
    I tried to add all the cars I have owned and I exceeded the limit. Too many previous cars to mention but none as good as the Jag

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